Aero Instruments and Avionics, Inc. overhaul service warrants that all articles furnished at the time of delivery be free from defects in material and workmanship. Obligation under warranty however, shall be limited to repairing or replacing any unit that is returned within the stipulated warranty period, and is limited to mechanical or electromechanical assemblies and / or electronic parts or electronic assemblies that were replaced at time of repair / overhaul. No other warranties shall be expressed or implied by law or otherwise and no further obligation or liability shall be incurred by this facility by reason of sale or use of any such product. In no event shall this facility be liable for special or consequential damages. Aero Instruments and Avionics, Inc. shall not be responsible for equipment removal, examination, reinstallation, or transportation.

Aero Instruments and Avionics, Inc. shall not be obligated hereunder, if examination discloses that such apparent defects are due to tampering, improper handling or use, improper operation or storage, or otherwise not maintained in accordance with the published instructions, or if any attempt is made to repair seemingly defective units. All warranty repairs must be performed by:

Aero Instruments & Avionics, Inc.
7290 Nash Road
N. Tonawanda, NY 14120

Each unit will have a return to service tag affixed indicating the date that warranty will start.


On units that are only bench tested and found to be within tolerance as described by the manufacturers’ specifications, there will be no warranty implied.


Aero Instruments and Avionics, Inc. liability hereunder is conditioned on defects becoming apparent within twelve (12) months or 600 flight hours from date of shipment of such item to the first user. This warranty does not give full coverage on ANY failure during this time period, but is limited to the repair or replacement of the parts and / or sub-assemblies replaced during the service action.


Aero Instruments and Avionics, Inc. liability hereunder is conditioned on defects becoming apparent within eighteen (18) months or 1000 flight hours from date of shipment of such item to the first user. This warranty covers labor & parts previously replaced by Aero Instruments & Avionics, Inc. at time of overhaul.


If a unit is removed from an aircraft and found to meet all of the manufacturers test specifications, the customer will be responsible for the bench test and re-certification charges.


Electronic components are tested and their function verified at the time of test. There is no way to verify the service life of an electronic component without destroying it. Therefore, it is Aero Instruments policy to warranty only the electronic components replaced at the time of repair / overhaul.


AIA will assign material and parts warranties to Customer for all components or subassemblies serviced, to the extent permitted by the manufacturer or supplier, in accordance with their published warranty.


Warranties for units that have been subjected to misuse, neglect, or contamination, damaged by accident, rendered defective by improper storage, installation, removal, operation, or maintenance by aircraft or aircraft wiring. Any component received with the warranty seals removed, repair, or alteration at a place other than Aero Instruments and Avionics, Inc., unless such work was performed with the express written consent of AIA, are excluded.


a) All returns must be shipped to AIA, all transportation charges prepaid, packed in the original or comparable packing, and shipped via a reliable source.

b) Components or Assemblies returned must be clearly marked as being subject to warranty consideration.

c) Customer will provide to AIA a detailed written description of the claimed warranty, to include:

i) Installation Date

ii) Date of Failure

iii) Hours/Cycle of use from installation to removal or occurrence.

iv) Description of the nature of the failure

v) Aircraft Tail Number (if component was installed on an aircraft)

vi) Handling or Packaging Damage (photograph damages if possible)

d) AIA will, at its option, either repair or replace any properly claimed warranty item that is found to be defective as soon as practical after receipt of such components. AIA shall not be responsible for any removal or re-installation costs incurred by the Customer incident to such repair or replacement.

e) In the event that AIA repairs or re-services an item under this warranty, the warranty provided herein shall extend to such repair or re-serviced item for the remainder of the original Warranty Period applicable to the item and no new Warranty Period shall be established.

For any other questions about warranty information, please contact Andrea Hannam by email or by phone at (716) 694-7060, Ext. # 313