Pressure Instruments Department

The Pressure Instruments Department tests, repairs, and overhauls a wide variety of Instrumentation for all narrow and wide body aircraft. Three Martron ATE's are utilized for testing & troubleshooting of Air Data Computers.

Major areas of instruments include:

  • Air Data Computers (analog & digital) including Bendix and Honeywell/Sperry, Boeing 727,737,747,757,767, and DC-8, DC-9/MD-80 Series
  • Altimeters (pneumatic and electric) including Kollsman/IDC, Lear Siegler, Smiths Industries, Aerosonic, Aero Mechanism, Tokyo Instrument, Honeywell, and Clifton Precision
  • Airspeeds including Kollsman, Lear Siegler, Smiths Industries, and Aerosonic

  • Vertical Speed and Pressure Gauges including Kollsman, Ametek, Smiths Industries, Clifton Precision, Bendix, Teledyne, and Aerosonic
  • Cabin Pressure Controllers including Kollsman and Airesearch
  • EPR Transmitters including Honeywell and Hamilton Standard