Guidance for successful shipmments to/from Aero Instruments & Avionics, Inc


Exporters and U.S. Importers have always had the responsibility for exercising “Reasonable Care” by ensuring the accuracy and completeness of their documentation submitted to U.S. Customs. However, the Mod Act has expanded these responsibilities from merely describing goods accurately to being responsible for correctly determining proper classification, duty rate, value, quota, preference programs, and all other agency requirements pertaining to imports. In other words, importers are now held responsible for the classification, valuation, and other agency compliance issues, which U.S. Customs previously determined.

To help you correctly import into the United States we are providing the following informational links:

Domestic Customers Requesting International Drop Shipment

In order to stay compliant with U.S. Export Regulations, all domestic customers that would like us to export their repairs must, as a minimum, provide a commercial invoice.

Military Components

Please be advised that Aero Instruments & Avionics, Inc. is not registered with the U.S. State Department to allow us to provide service for components that are ITAR controlled for international customers

Please read our policy regarding the servicing of ITAR controlled components.