GPWS AntiSkid Department

The GPWS & Anti-Skid Department offers complete testing, repair, and overhaul of Sundstrand Mark I, II, III, V, and VII GPWS Computers (utilizing factory test equipment and training), Collins Flight Profile Comparators, and Bendix GPW Computers. Our latest support addition is the Honeywell Mark V and Mark VII EGPWS, ENHANCED Ground Prox Warning System.

In addition to manual test stations we also maintain an IRIS 2000 Test station which provides ATE support for the GPWS Computers, Anti-Skid Control Units, and Passenger Address Amplifiers.

Our shop also offers complete testing, repair, and overhaul of numerous Cockpit Indicators. Radio Altitude Indicators by Bendix, Collins, Litton, Thomson-TRT, and Clifton Precision.

This shop also supports Crane Anti-Skid, Autobrake, and Spoiler Control Units, Collins, Pacific Electro Dynamics, and Gables Passenger Address Amplifiers as well as "Selcal" Decoders manufactured by Motorola, Collins and Coltech.

Other areas of Instruments include:

  • DME Indicators by Honeywell/Sperry, Collins, Clifton Precision, and King
  • Barometric Altimeter, Altimeter, Vertical Speed Indicator, Airspeed/Mach, TAS/SAT, TAT/Thrust, and VSI/TRA Indicators by Honeywell
  • Altitude Alert Indicators/Altitude Select Controllers from Smiths Industries/Lear Siegler, Kollsman/IDC, Honeywell/Sperry, and Clifton Precision
  • Baro Rate/Air Data Computers, Pressure Rate Sensors manufactured by Sundstrand, Bendix, and Collins

  • Pressure Control Panels and Cabin Pressure Amplifiers from Hamilton Standard, Kollsman, and Garrett
  • Navigation Instrument Failure Monitor from Dynamic Controls Corp
  • Passenger Entertainment/Passenger Service Systems manufactured by Collins/Hughes Aircraft Co. consisting of Seat Electronic Boxes, Demultiplexer/Encoders, Main/Zone Multiplexers, Column Timer Decoders, Passenger Service Unit Decoders and Passenger Control Units
  • Digital Avionics Control Panels for Navigation, Communication, Audio, Radar, ADF, ATC & H.F. panels manufactured by Gables Engineering, Collins, Bendix, and Avtech Corp