Cockpit Indicators & Controls Department

The Cockpit Indicators & Controls Department services a wide variety of cockpit instrumentation and related systems from all air transport category aircraft.

  • Fuel Indicators: Fuel Quantity/Totalizer/Flow, Load Select, Fuel Used/Fuel Flow Assemblies, and Power Supplies
  • Engine Indicators: Oil Quantity, Engine Pressure Ratio, Engine Gas Temperature, and Tachometers
  • Avionics Control Panels (Analog & Digital) such as Navigation, Communication, Audio, Radar, ADF, ATC & H.F
  • Aural and Visual Warning Devices/Annunciator Panels

  • Interphone/Isolation Amplifiers and Cockpit Speakers
  • Microphones, Megaphones, and Headsets.
  • Temperature Control and Fire Detection Units.
  • Zone and Cabin Temperature Controllers, Stall Warning Computers.
  • Analog and Digital Clocks
  • Aural and Visual Warning Devices/Annunciator Panels

Supported manufacturers include: Ametek, Avtech, Bendix, Collins, Daico Industries, David Clark, Eldec, Faraday, Gables Engineering, Grimes, Gull, Honeywell/Sperry, Korry, Matsushita, Pacific Electro Dynamics, Seaboard Electronics, Simmonds Precision/Goodrich, Smiths Industries/GE, Teledyne Controls, Telephonics and Telex.