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Radio Department

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The Radio Department offers complete testing, repair, and overhaul of Collins, Honeywell (formally Bendix/King) ARINC 500 and ARINC 700 series avionics, as well as the Collins Proline radio equipment.

Radio DeptThree IRIS 2000 ATE RF test stations are utilized in this department to support Honeywell's TRA-67A Mode S and Collins TPR-720 Mode S Transponders, and the ARINC 500 and ARINC 700 series of DME, VOR/ILS, VHF Comm and HF Comm Transceivers. In addition to these ATE's, multiple manual test stations are also utilized to support all LRU's including ADF, Radio Altimeters and Weather Radar.

Support for the Honeywell TPA-81A ACAS II/TCAS II Processor is provided using redundant OEM "TPT-81A TCAS Interface Test Panels" along with the "RDT-4/AIT-4A" test panels to support dedicated TCAS Display and PPI/TCAS Radar Indicators.

AERO also supports both the Collins Electronic Display Unit (EDU-766/776) used on Boeing 737/757/767 aircraft and the Thales Full Color Display (FCD-66) used on the Airbus A319/320/321 aircraft using the required OEM test panels.

Our Radar department offers support for both Bendix (RDR-4A) and Collins (WRT-701X) ARINC 700 Series Digital Radar Transceivers along with the complete family of Bendix PPI-4( ) and Collins WXI-700 Radar/TCAS Indicators.  We also have complete capabilities for the legacy Bendix "RDR-1F" and Honeywell "Primus 90" Weather Radar System.

All of AERO's Radio Department technicians possess a F.C.C. General Radiotelephone License, each with a wide variety of previous experience from diverse backgrounds such as military avionics/maintenance, radio & television station maintenance, and A&P Technicians.

Our personnel have at their fingertips some of the latest state-of the-art test and troubleshooting equipment available to them. Our resources include three Aeroflex T1200 CDU's with the complete line of T1200 series test panel for the support of ARINC 700 equipment. In addition, we have acquired some of the finest RF Signal sources and T/S equipment available. Industry standards from AeroFlex such as the "SDX 2000, ATC 1400A/S-1403, RD-300, RD-301, RDX-7708, COM 120B, NAV 2000R and NAV 750C RF generators are used for test, repair and alignment, as well as HP/Agilent's family of Digital O-Scopes/Logic and Spectrum Analyzers and signal sources.