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Flight Instruments & Gyro Department

Home > Services > Flight Instruments & Gyro

The Flight Instruments & Gyro Department offers complete functional testing, repair and overhaul of most instruments & gauges located within the aircraft cockpit, and the associated computers that control them. We also service a variety of AHRS Systems.

H.S.I.'s, A.D.I.'s, P.D.I.'s, R.D.I.'s, Flight Directors, Compass Indicators, Course Indicators, and Distance Indicators by Collins, Honeywell/Sperry, Bendix, and Lear Siegler/Smiths Industries

Pitch & Roll Computers, F.D. Computers, Rate Of Turn Racks, Smart Monitors, Compass Couplers, Steering Computers, Mode Couplers, Autopilot Amplifiers, and Yaw Damper Computers by Honeywell/Sperry and Collins.

Vertical and Directional Gyros by Honeywell/Sperry, Bendix, and Collins.

Horizon Gyros by Sextant/Thales and Bendix.

Rate Gyros by Honeywell/Sperry, Smiths Industries, Collins, and Bendix.

Accelerometers by Honeywell/Sperry, Loral, and Sundstrand.

Static Inverters by Sextant/Thales and Bendix.

Cockpit Gauges: Various gauges and indicators for monitoring Temperature, Pressure, and Quantity of Fuel, Oil, and Air.