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(Posted November 2017)  We have reduced our Bench Test Price for part numbers 65-52820-1 and 65-52820-2 to $515  We have recently developed software that now allows us to test and service units 65-52820-1 and 65-52820-2, on  a computerized test station. This greatly reduces our time it takes to test and repair. As a result, we can reduce our bench test price substantially for our customers! Contact our sales team to send in a repair sales@aeroinst.com.


(Posted September 2017)  Aero is excited to announce...We are now CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) certified.  We are Part 145 maintenance repair certified for the following 3260 components. Click here for a list of units or talk to our sales team for more information at sales@aeroinst.com and pricing.


(Posted May 2017)  Aero Awarded TOP SHOP 2017 - Best Avionics and Instrument Repair  We are so honored to receive this award from the145.com. It truly attests to how hard our team of talented professionals are dedicated to serving the avionics industry with the highest level of service and responsive support. 

This award recognizes repair centers that provide superior customer support, excellent turn-around times and competitive repair pricing. All winners of the Top Shop Awards were nominated, and ultimately selected, by their peers in the aviation industry. 

Aero is proud to have earned numerous Top Shop awards. Contact us at  sales@aeroinst.com or Phone: 716.694.7060 and let's see what we can do for you. 


(Posted March 2017)  WE JUST ADDED A NEW CAPABILITY! We just added Crane's AACU (Antiskid/Auto-Brake Control Unit for the Boeing 737. Our Bench Test cost is $515. Refer to part number: PN 42-935-2 when you contact our sales team for turnaround times sales@aeroinst.com 

(Posted November 2016)  Don't Miss out on this Promotion! Our Radio Shop is now offering 4 DAY TURN TIMES on Tests & Most Repairs on the parts listed:
622-7878-201, -301, 066-01127-160, 066-01127-1402, 066-01127-1301, 2041166-5204, 066-01127-1101, 622-5272- 522-3698-003, 2041234-342, 822-0297-001, 622-4542-103, 2041230-3532, 2041167-3704, 622-5222- , 622-6263-003, 622-2921-006, 522-2996-011, 622-7309-101, 622-2855-011, 822-0282-102, 2041234-3445, 622-4540-001, 822-1044-00
 Contact our sales team sales@aeroinst.com for details


(Posted September2016)  We are offering 1-2 Day Evaluations on Flight Data Recorder and Cockpit Voice Recorder LRU's for the month of September. Contact our sales team Sales@aeroinst.com to check capabilities and Pricing

Service Recognition Awards

(Posted February2016)  We would like to congratulate James Mertel on 19 years of employment and Patrick Connors on 30 years of employment with Aero. Both received recognition plaques for their years of service. 

John Baldi (on the left) VP of Quality Management/ Chief Inspector is handing Patrick Connors (on the right) his Award.


John Baldi (on the left) VP of Quality Management/ Chief Inspector is handing James Mertel (on the right) his Award.